Kylie Jenner vs. Beyonce: Most Shocking Celeb Pregnancy of 2017

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If you didn’t know, we are talking about Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner . We are putting these two pregnancy announcements head to head to see which one was the most shocking of 2017.
Let’s kick things off with Beyoncé because she is the Queen of surprises. She broke the internet when she decided to share the good news of her pregnancy by posting a beautiful, angelic photo onto instragram showing off her already pretty far a long belly kneeling on a bed of flowers with a veil over her head. She captioned the photo “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters.” In less than 8 hours the post had over 6.3 million likes breaking Selenna Gomez previous record. To say the people were shocked would be an understatement people had no clue she was expecting let alone with two kids. But the excitement quickly turned into concern for many fans considering she was set to perform at Coachella in a few months. The internet went crazy once again and everywhere you looked online there was a debate on whether or not she would cancel her show or perform 6 months pregnant. Ultimately Beyonce did opt out of the performance following advice from her doctors. But it wouldn’t be a Queen Bee pregnancy without at least one epic performance. Beehive fans were more than forgiving about Coachella when they found out they were going to see the Lemonade singer still perform in February at the Grammys. Beyonce stepped out on the Grammy stage looking like a goddess dressed in gold from crown to toes. Her performance literally defied gravity, time and space all while being pregnant. Not to mention that same night she was nominated for nine awards no big deal or anything. Beyonce whole preganacy was one huge shock after another some fans are still trying to recover. Including myself.

Let switch gears and talk about our girl Kylie Jenner. The whole situation is actually kind of weird because we still aren’t 100 percent sure if she is really pregnant .Kylie never really announced it so that’s why when we heard about it, it came as a complete shock! And that isn’t the only reason why this situation is weird her sister Kim and Khloe just so happened to be pregnant at the same time too making this whole pregnancy thing a family affair. TMZ broke the news reporting that Kylizzle and boyfriend Travis Scott started telling family and friends about the pregnancy. The pregnancy was such a big deal that it started trending on twitter so much so that People took advantage of the attention being given to those keywords and using them in an attempt to draw people back to the issue of the growing humanitarian crisis in the affected areas like Mexico and Puerto Rico. Yep, true story. Following the pregnancy rumors Kylie seemed to just fall off the map. She hasn’t been seen out anywhere even skipping her sister Kendall’s birthday party! We all know she is a social media queen and is known for taking super sexy photos on Instagram but prior to the news breaking Kylie was only posting throwback photos and now she only post pictures chest up with baggy clothes. This story broke back in September and we are still trying to crack this case but sadly no updates. Her quote on quote pregnancy is one big giant mystery to us all and we want answers! But if I had to bet all my life savings on it I’ll go on the record saying she’s definitely pregnant or this is just one sick joke.

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