Bono Vox, the shock confession: “I’m almost dead”

Bono Vox,

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Bono Vox has confessed to being almost dead  to the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’. The frontman and U2 activist who preferred not to go into details.

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In a chat with the co-founder of the magazine, Jann Wenner, the singer initially said he did not want to talk about it. “It’s just something that … people have these extinction events in their lives, they can be psychological or physical,” Bono said adding: “And yes, for me it was physical, but I think I saved all that soap Opera”. For “soap opera” the rocker apparently intended all the media attention that the scare immediately would have provoked once in the public domain.

“Especially with this kind of obsession with the minutiae of celebrity life, I’ve had enough,” said the Irish singer who in recent years has had a good deal of physical problems, including a check for a suspected throat cancer. in 2000 and an important intervention after a bicycle accident in New York in 2014. This last episode helped inspire the band’s new project, ‘Songs of Experience’, released on December 1st. Album that, Bono said, is a sequel to 2014 ‘Songs of Innocence’ and was designed to tackle the problem of mortality. “In my life I had a couple of shock to the system, let’s call them that – he concluded – I did not want to be so expert”.


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